Our gynecologist, Dr. Juana Lafaja, traveled to Santiago de Chile last week, where she will stay to evaluate the results on Premenstrual Syndrome from Dr. Jorge Lolas’ techniques. He is a Chilean gynecologist who has discovered a direct connexion between the symptoms and common cervix pathology. The customized treatment plan provided by Lolas, after exclusively dedicating 40 years to this pathology, has resulted in considerable improvements to patients suffering from this syndrome, as well as, in a lower scale, patients’ family members who also suffer from this syndrome.

According to the Spanish gynecologist, the patients and family members’ testimonies are impressive. On the other hand, the therapy’ success lays on how frequent it is applied, as well as the use of local medication and specific equipment, customized to the anatomy and progress of each patient.

Dr. Lafaja’s goal is to go back home and put into practice a treatment protocol for patients with mild and serious symptoms, based on Lolas’ technique, which consists on treating intensively and long-term the cervix’s pathology in order to produce the pro-inflammatory factors causing the symptoms.