Our overall management of women’s health problems is very much influenced by our new perspective on “benign” chronic genital infection. Many of previously misdiagnosed physical and psychological conditions in women are now attributed to different microorganisms, not always sexually transmitted. Our vocation is mainly of preventive kind and we feel we must provide our patients with valuable information about diet, daily habits, physical activity, etc. But there are many women who are already suffering a silent, poorly known, forgotten plague: Premenstrual Syndrome. One of several frequent associated conditions to PMS is Resilient Vaginal Candidiasis, a problem thousands of women are worried about, because of the persistent annoying itch it causes. Now it’s time to treat these patients chasing the main cause instead of the symptom.

Dr. Lafaja (Gynecologist)

Doctor Juani Lafaja is now an expert in etiological treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome and long term management of Resilient Vaginal Candidiasis, both of them difficult to treat conditions. Bad treatment results were a norm so far due to diagnostic misinterpretations or insufficiently intense therapies.

Morover, her sensibility on perimenopausal problems, either from a physical or psychological point of view, has led her become a reference for this collective.