OJOG2015012713433103On June 15, in a special issue on uterine diseases, the American magazine Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, with an editorial committee composed of experts from top universities, will publish a review article of 148 cases of women treated for severe Premenstrual Syndrome with the technique of Dr. Lolas. This article will be titled “Is Premenstrual Syndrome a Uterine Inflammatory Disease? Retrospective analysis of an etiologic approach.”

The NG Clínicas team has actively participated in the statistical analysis of the data, structuring and drafting the work, so we are proud to have attracted interest from leading scientists. The real value of this work is to serve as a basis for future research, since the degree of evidence obtained with a retrospective analysis will be surpassed by prospective studies that collect data in a consistent and systematic. The publication explains in detail the Lolas treatment, so that new workers can reproduce the treatment and compare their results.

In NG Clínicas we will continue collecting data of our own patients in treatment for PMS. Prelimilibronary statistics are amazing and in probably about 18 months we can present our own publication.

Moreover, our team is also participating in the review and updating of the book by Dr. Lolas, whose second edition will be released most probably within this year.