Premenstrual Syndrome is a complex pattern that occurs in cycles in some patients, days before their period, and that could be very disturbing. Its symptoms vary: headache, pelvic pain, dizziness, irritability, depression, sweating, loss of libido, etc. It has always been related to cycle hormonal changes, but the truth is that the use of birth control pills does not get rid of the symptoms, specially in severe cases. Gynecology has given up on many of these cases, trying to treat them symptomatically, with little success.

Dr. Jorge LolasDr. Lolas Talhami, Chilean gynecologist, has dedicated most of his career to the study of this syndrome, finding a new etiological approach, opening a new and different window to treatment. His patients’ testimonies concur with the therapy results, stating that the difficulty and intensity depends on the severity of the case.

Dr. Lafaja is collaborating with Dr. Lolas in Spain, where she is disclosing and applying his treatments, and deepening research on it. Dr. Lafaja will travel to Santiago de Chile in April, where she is to come into contact with Dr. Lolas’ methodology and results.

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