Please, answer the next 11 questions and you’ll get a severity score of your Premenstrual Syndrome by email. No data is filed or manually processed, so your privacy rights and data protection are not at risk. Moreover, there’s no need to type in a real name, although a correct email is mandatory.
Inside your email you’ll find links and information about this complex syndrome, how to interpret your score and what to do next, to permanently get rid of this upsetting condition. Dr. Lolas, from Santiago (Chile) has focused his career on the etiology of PMS and found this disease is caused by a chronic uterine inflammation-infection. Oral antibiotic and antiinflammatory drugs can be effective in mildly affected patients, but are seldom helpful in severe longstanding cases. He developed a treatment procedure based on local injections and cryotherapy which is giving severe PMS patients the opportunity to return to normal life by withdrawing symptomatic medication and stopping side effects.

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